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We are all about helping our clients extend their Business Intelligence (What Is) into the new realm of (What Can Be) Data Science, Data Mining, Exploratory, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Text Mining, Simulation, Optimization and Web Analytics.

Superior Customer Experience
“Today, success depends on delivering a superior customer experience,” said Otto Berkes, chief technology officer at CA Technologies. “As companies undergo digital transformation, they must focus on the customer experience, since it will be a key differentiator in today’s application economy.”

The study reported that many companies are finding it very difficult to fill capability gaps in the top skills needed for success in the application economy. These include data science, collaboration, application programming interfaces (APIs) and IT security.

Making Software a Business Driver
GE is one organisation pushing its software business. The company has just sold its Reliability Excellence application to Whitegate Power Station in County Cork, Ireland. The power station has implemented the GE technology to help it operate more efficiently and reliably. According to GE, Reliability Excellence taps into industrial-scale data analytics to predictively identify operational issues before they occur.

In June 2014, GE installed condition-based, real-time monitoring, featuring 141 sensors throughout the plant. Through around-the-clock monitoring of Whitegate’s hardware assets, the Reliability Excellence technology aims to provide the facility’s operators with a single, consolidated view of plant performance.

Driving Competitive Advantage
GE said the software’s data analytics has been used to help Whitegate detect operational anomalies, including combustion dynamics and parts degradation, before they become serious issues that could force the plant offline for costly, unplanned repairs.

Phase two of the project will include an operations module forprocess optimizationandoperational excellence,providingkey performance indicator-focused analyticsto multiple levels of the facility. This phase will provide a pathway to more flexible operation and connect the plant performance better to the real-time marketplace, according to GE.

Skills Crisis
The Oxford Economics/CA survey found that 40% of respondents plan to acquire technology companies to gain talent, while another 44% are planning to establish technology centres in talent-rich geographies.

At minicab firm Addison-Lee, half its in-house IT team are focused on API management. The company is very technology focused, and has re-engineered its back-end booking system in a way that enables it to be reconfigured easily to cater for the particular
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