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Research from leading graduate business schools has shown that data-driven decisions affect a business’ performance – statistically-proven these businesses are 4-6% more productive.  In these businesses, the most competitive ones today, top Executives are championing data-driven decision-making because of the speed and size of the change in their current environments.  Governance, compliance and due diligence can all be enhanced when decision-making is supported by data-driven insights leading to greater risk-management.  Adopting a data-driven decision-making culture requires both quantitative and qualitative Data Science support.

Anova Analytics believes Data Science is a “team sport”.  To deliver a Data Science product or solution there needs to be a team.  One person, a self-claimed or industry-labeled “unicorn” of Data Science, cannot make it happen alone.  It’s through the synergy and cross-pollination of a team, and the rolling-up of decisions that proves most successful.  Managers and line employees get the best from the company’s Data Science team and engage consultants more effectively; executives can assess their positions/situations more accurately.

The team may be a mix of distinct roles with different skills such as Subject Matter Expert, Project Manager, Sr. Data Scientist (vision) and Data Scientist (math/statistics), Hacker, Data Architect, Product Manager, and Designer.  The number of roles and size of the Data Science team is probably proportional to the decision support level within an enterprise – Operational, Tactical, and/or Strategic. Additionally, there are many components to  Data Science team – well defined repeatable processes and methodologies, effective tools,  IT and business expertise, responsibilities and leadership –  that must all work together in one coordinated workflow to produce significant results.

Anova Analytics helps organizations train and identify their Data Scientists, and build their Data Science teams.

What is Data Science
Data Science applies advanced analytical tools and algorithms to generate predictive insights and new product innovations that are a direct result of the data-driven knowledge.  The academic background of a Data Scientist is typically a concentration in mathematical decision sciences: probability, statistics, data analysis, optimization, modeling, and risk analysis.  However, an intentional organizational culture conducive to data-driven decision-making may include many practitioners with intellectual curiosity and gained technical skills to solve big data problems.  Through Anova Analytics, R Boot Camp is one way to acquire these technical skills.

 Anova Analytics R-Bootcamp - Data Driven Decision MakingR Boot Camp Overview
The R Boot Camp is a lecture and hands-on workshop lead by experienced professionals to provide individuals with the acquire skills and knowledge of Data Science, and in some scenarios, to create a Predictive Analytics working model.  Each step for developing the model will be covered in depth, demonstrating best practices and equipping you with the necessary tools for each task; specifying the business objectives, retrieving, analyzing, preparing and visualizing the data, creating a predictive model, evaluating and validating the model, and putting your data product into production.  Everything you absorb will be reinforced as you build a working predictive analytical model which can later be used to demonstrate your Data Science expertise.

What is R?
R is a cross-platform (WIN, Linux, MAC OSX) software programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics; it provides linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, and more.

Who Should Take R Boot Camp
R Boot Camp is suited for participants at all levels of Data Science experience, but especially worthy for people with following interests:

– recent college graduates or current students hoping to begin a career in Data Science and Advanced Analytics.
– professionals within the industry in related jobs such as Business Analytics and Business Reporting.
– experienced professionals in other fields who want to explore using Data Science in their work.
– individuals outside the industry looking to make a career change.
– anyone with a general interest in Data Science wanting to know more about it.

For the individual:
All his/her Data Science knowledge will come together alongside an experienced instructor in the process of extracting value from data while executing a comprehensive methodology.

For the corporate Data Science team:
A training program can be customized for your project and deployed to kick start your Data Science team and create a working predictive analytical model using R.

Are There Any Pre-requisites?
There are no course prerequisites but it would be worthy to have a basic understanding of Data Science.  This is not restrained to just an introductory course – there are other courses of that type available.

Hosted Facility, Workshop Training Value
The facilities include traditional classrooms with multi-functional audio/visual technology, and coffee and lunch service. The value of these instructor-led courses is that they providing the best environment for skills development and applicability to your organization. The courses are built from solid training material and are taught by a group of instructors with an enormous number of years of experience.

Why Take R Boot Camp
The benefits of learning R from this boot camp will enable you to:

– getting and cleaning data content
– understand data structure used in R and learn to import/export data.
– reading data from a source (CSV files, API connections, SAS, etc.)
– data wrangling
– understand data analysis and the various statistical concepts:
– statistical inference.
– machine learning, regression, and classification.
– hypothesis testing method to drive business decisions.
– model building and estimation.
– install and learn R Studio, and programming.
– data visualization.

This is an extensive course in database and analytics using Anova Analytics’ methodology and platform, and a huge benefit learning from instructors with real-world expertise.

R Boot Camp Details
The details of the R Boot Camp include 12 sessions delivered in two parts for maximum flexibility:

Part I “Data Science Basics”

1) Getting & Loading Your Data
2) Understand Your Data Using Descriptive Statistics
3) Understand Your Data Using Data Visualization
4) Prepare Data for Predictive Modeling
5) Inferential Statistics

Part II “Predictive Modeling”

6) Re-Sampling Methods & Estimating Model Accuracy
7) Statistical Modeling Algorithms
8 ) Compare Performance of Multiple Algorithms
9) Combine Prediction Models with Ensembles
10) Moving Your Model to Production
11) Project Presentation and Peer Review
12) 1 on 1 with your Instructor

The next R Boot Camp starts April 22, for 12 successive weeks, Saturdays-only.

This is a much more comprehensive coursework than any online program which covers a few subjects like “R Programming” or “Data Visualization” independent of one another and does not provide meaning in the full context of working with data, exploring the math/statistics, building the model, and testing in production.


Why Anova Analytics?

Why Anova Analytics
The host of the R Boot Camp, Anova Analytics is a Data Science and Mathematical Modeling company with expertise in analytic solutions architecture, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, scientific computing, web analytics, geospatial modeling, linear algebra, process simulation.  Anova Analytics draws on decades of real-world experience producing effective predictive analytics data products serving companies in the telecom, finance, oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics, education, media, energy, and healthcare industries.