Data Science with Python I: Intro to Data Science

Learn the basics of Python for Data Science and Jupyter.  Step By Step Methodology: Both Python Scientific and Jupyter are free and open-source for statistical computing and graphics. Connect to the data sources, learn to use manipulate, discover, and visualize data for better understanding of the data.

Python language Overview

Influence of Big Data on Data Science
Influence of Big Data on Data Science
  • Basics of Python language
  • How to edit, run, and test python code
  • Introducing the Anaconda distribution of Python.
  • IDEs
  • Using Jupyter notebooks.


  • Series and Dataframes
  • Loading data using Pandas
  • Labs

NumPy and SciPy

  • Arrays
  • Matricies
  • Linear Algebra
  • Labs
  • Visualizing data with matlibplot

Doing Data Science with Scikit-learn

  • Introducing Scikit-Learn
  • Clustering Data
  • Building a Classifier

Big Data With PySpark

  • Introduction to Spark and PySpark
  • Using the Spark framework for Big Data
  • Using MLLib or Data Science in PySpark
A fully working Model
A fully working Model